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Selous Game Reserve

The game reserve name derives from the famous hunter and explorer Frederick Courtney Selous, a keen naturalist and conservationist as well as a hunter. Selous was killed in the first World War in the Beho Beho region of the reserve. Larger than Switzerland in size, the reserve is the largest in Africa and is second only to the Serengeti in its concentration of wildlife. One of the single largest remaining elephant populations in the world is in Selous. The best time to go to Selous is in the cool season between the end of June and the end of October. With a guide, walking safaris can be taken from the camps.


Southern National Parks

Tailor made private Safaris

Southern Tanzania Safaris


Cultural Sightseeings

Do you like to dunk in history and Tradition of Tanzania as well as in the great animal and plant richness?! It is definitively worthwhile to have a stop or a side trip to some cultural places between the national park visits.
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Lake Tangayika

Sandy beaches, a sea full of fresh water, colorful fishes...
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Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

At 5,895 m, Kilimanjaro is not only the highest point in Africa but also the highest free standing mountain on earth. This volcanic massif stands in splendid isolation above the surrounding plains, with its snowy peak looming over the savannah.
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